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+ Taking Samples

What is considered a good sample?
Samples should be 1/2 to 1 inch of a healthy leaf. We accept samples as early as 7-10 days (cotyledons). Please do not include more than the requested amount of the sample (i.e. do not send a whole leaf or multiple leaves). Leaf samples should be dry, free of dirt, and taken before any foliar sprays have been applied. Please also remove the seed caps and stems.

Can I send in a whole leaf?
You do not need to include more than the requested amount. Samples should be 1/2 to 1 inch. Whole leaves tend to take longer to dry and therefore may cause a delay in your results.

How should I seal the samples in the envelopes?
Please do not use water, glue, tape or any other materials to seal the envelopes. The green dot sticker should be sufficient. Sample envelopes should also not be wrapped in plastic bags as they are designed to dry the sample, preventing rot and protecting the DNA for analysis.

How do I send samples using my own materials?
If you do not have kits or otherwise need to submit samples using your own materials, please contact us.

What should I do if my samples are sprayed?
Regardless of the source, chemical contamination on the leaves may negatively affect the test. To remedy this, we will typically run an alternative method that offers the same accuracy results, but takes a few extra days to process. Please clearly indicate on the sample envelopes or with a note in the package that the samples have been sprayed. You may also try collecting the leaf tip samples from new growth areas that have not been sprayed or wash the plant with distilled/pure water prior to sampling.

+ Submitting Samples

Where do I return my samples to?
Return your kits to Farmer Freeman at:
4121 W St NW
Apt 101
Washington, D.C. 20007

Please keep your tracking number to be able to check when your samples arrive at the lab.

What happens when my test kits never arrive?
It is important to keep your tracking information on hand at all times. However, sometimes it really is out of our hands when there are delays with our packages. We offer a few options: (1) We can send you replacement kits to be used now or later (2) You can send samples using your own labeled envelopes. If you choose this option, please make sure to include your email address for your results!

Should I ask for signature confirmation?
Please DO NOT select ‘Signature Required’ as we may not be able to sign during the time of arrival. If this is selected, results may be delayed.

Do I have to use all the test kits when I order them?
Samples do not need to be returned all at once. You may return samples and receive results in any increment you would like. All your sample numbers will be associated with the email the kits were purchased with.

+ Results

When can I get my results?
Allow 1-2 business days for testing after your samples have been received by the lab. Results will be emailed to the address used to place the order.

What does it mean when my results say ‘UNDER ANALYSIS’?
Samples marked “UNDER ANALYSIS” should be ready in the next one or two business days. If samples were sprayed with any kind of foliar nutrient or additive, it may cause issues with the results.

Do you test for Hermies?
Unfortunately the tests do not directly tell you if your samples are hermies. We have found that both male and female plants display hermie issues later during their growth cycles. That being said, knowing what to expect from your plants (e.g. 10 males, 10 females) will help you notice if things are looking off sooner than later.

+ Privacy and Security

The kits are sent in a discreet mailer (kraft envelope with no company names). If purchasing the 2-way shipping option, please know the return label will have your address on it. Payments can be made via cryptocurrency for extra security. There is no need to tell us what type of plant you are testing. We offer “smash cards” which are a specialty paper that the leaf can be smashed into, transferring the DNA if you do not wish to test actual leaf or plant tissue.

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Farmer Freeman 3 pack M/F Test Kit


EZ-XY Sample Collection Kit.

Testing and Results are included in the Kit Price.

Hemp and cannabis sex testing. Know the sex of your plant at just 7 days old. Test a plant any time before flowering to save your grow time and money! Nationwide and international shipping available.

Samples do not need to be returned all at once. Return samples and receive results in any increment you like. Samples must be free of dirt and chemicals (i.e. take your samples before applying any foliar sprays).

Each Kit includes an Envelope for tissue or sample storage, and a Tag for your plant. Kits and samples must be returned to the lab for analysis. Results sent via e-mail typically within 1-2 business days after lab receipt.

Most customers submit a 1 cm to 1 inch cut of a healthy leaf tip or similar plant tissue.



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