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The One

Unercover Butter x Dip N’ Stix


“We are only letting 2 of these go yes 2 then no more until we finish working with her. We have many many more affordable clones we have cuts from 100 and up so please if this is not for you or the price makes you angry just keep scrolling.

This is one of the most ridiculous things we’ve found to date! Her frost is out of this world. Terps are an amazing bakery gas and very loud then her yield is definitely above average. Topped once and flipped at 1ft tall she threw 10 massive stacks per plant just like the one in pictures. Plant ended at 4.4 ft tall she was a beast!! The run pictured was a simple water only run no extra inputs no co2 and not pushed at all. We did get much more swell off the first hunt and the stress run of her so this definitely isn’t all she has but even if so man is she something else do not sleep as once they are gone they are gone no exceptions.”

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Varietal type: Hybrid

Gender: Feminized / Female

Flowering: 60 – 70 days

Yield: High

Height: Tall

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